Staying sane.

Sitting tight.

No end in sight.

Neighbours bark and bicker upstairs.

Bats break in to night.

I read.

We read.

We watch.

We walk.

Sometimes we talk.

Often quiet.

And by God do we quiz.

We stitch up something of a social life.

From homes, through screens, then power down the device.

Or maybe check Insta, Twitter or Facebook.

How do they cope?

Or do they not?


… don’t…

… open…

… the news.





Or spiral down, hit depression hard.

Alcohol sales are up, one headline says.





I can’t…

Sometimes we talk but never say,

‘Are we ok, like this, our new future?’

Christine Dawson

Freelance journalist specialising in sustainable finance but can be caught writing about all sorts.

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